iCardy - an innovative model of interaction between a physician and a patient to tackle cardiovascular diseases
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A Holter monitor – is a portable device that is used for long-term and continuous tracking of heart rhythm.

It consists of a device and electrodes that are attached to a body's surface and transmit electrical signals for ECG recording. The recording session can last for 24, 48, or 72 hours; however, it can be prolonged for 7 days and more.

Cardiological service

Cloud service for providing contact between a patient and a physician, with an option for online consultation during the monitoring period and data collection, which is used for functional and clinical assessment of a patient.

Technical support

Support for timely detection and correction of the technical impairment or providing an additional consultation regarding the use of the device or service.

Project creation


Market research

The prototype and an algorithm

Business hypothesis testing

What is iCardy?

iCardy is a unique service for interaction between a physician and a patient, with the help of which it becomes possible to prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases.

iCardy creates a unique opportunity to choose any device for any time and helps you to find the most trustworthy and reliable specialist.

iCardy makes it possible for physicians to obtain financial compensation according to their skills and qualifications.

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Our mission

Our mission is to preserve humans’ life and health by timely diagnostics and treatment, to provide physicians with necessary medical equipment, and to make medical services accessible for those who need them.

iCardy - a service for a physician

Services provided by iCardy

We provide physicians with a set of personal monitors connected to an account on a computer and a mobile application for further analysis.

For patients, we propose an opportunity for getting a high-quality service regardless of their medical indications, with an option to choose a specialist by their ranking.

Cloud-based computing makes it possible to connect a list of additional services: electronic payment, technical support, insurance, and compatibility with existing telemedical services.

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iCardy - is a service for a patient

  • Real-time control
  • An option to choose a specialist by their ranking
  • Doesn’t require medical indications

Our team

Роман, СЕО

Roman, CEO

Co-founder, R&D biomedical electronics

8 years

Влад, CTO

Vlad, CTO

HaaS systems

13 years

Оксана, CMO

Oksana, CMO

Digital marketing

4 years

Дмитро, CPO

Dmytro, CPO

Medical and scientific analysis of heart rhythm disorders

2 years